In the summer of 2015, a Huffington Post article entitled, “For Homeless Women, Getting Their Period Is One Of The Most Difficult Challenges,” bounced around FaceBook. It brought to light that some women don’t have feminine hygiene products when they need them. They can’t afford pads and tampons, and food stamps don’t cover this cost. This doesn’t just happen to women in far off places — This is here — in America, and in our Valley.

After reading this article and feeling that Love Flows just HAD to do something about this, a couple of church members asked for tampons and pads in place of other gifts for their wedding. The response of friends, family and the community was phenomenal, and Love. (period) was launched.


Love. (period) has partnered with several food pantries, community aid organizations and other ministries and has already donated over 6000 tampons and nearly 4000 pads to these area agencies. The agencies have been pleased to receive them, and they know that they can look to Love. (period) for more when their shelves are bare again.  We have worked with

  • Lewisburg Transitions
  • Bundles of Blessings
  • Snyder-Union County Community AID,
  • The Schuylkill County Food Pantry
  • The Cole Alan Diaper Pantry
  • The Reaching Out Food Pantry
  • Loaves and Fishes

While the launch of Love. (period) has been wonderfully successful, we have promised to have more product for these agencies when they need it. Please go to the donate page to help us to continue to provide a bit of dignity to the women of our valley!