LOVE Parties

Finally, the Party Box to raise money for the LOVE Project that we’ve been promising for what feels like forever is right here.  We’ve put together important ingredients for the fundraising.

Marjorie Priceman, Caldecott winning illustrator, drew our Valley Kids, Susquehanna and her little Brother River to be spokespersons for our vulnerable Susquehanna Valley children. Check them out on the stories, cards and lunch mats where they speak very eloquently about child hunger. There are entirely too many children spending the 68 hours between lunch on Friday and breakfast on Monday without nutritious food.

What do we want you to do about this? Have fun! Plan a potluck. Invite your friends and neighbors. Go ahead and warn them that they’re invited to give money. Then get together, show the video, listen to the stories, be challenged by the questions, eat good food, laugh with your neighbors and donate to make a difference. Whether you invite 20 people who can give $50 or 50 people who can give $20, it all helps. Or you can encourage them to go on line and commit to a monthly donation. Anything we do helps.

There’s no reason not to make our Susquehanna Valley The Valley with No Hungry Children. And you and your friends are just the people to make a dent in the problem — and to have fun doing it.