Feedbags for Food

cheap Cialis Soft US Want to donate $8 to the LOVE Project and receive an incredible grocery bag as a thank you? Pretty soon you’re going to be able to do just that. (actually, pretty soon we’re going to offer you the opportunity to make these bags as a LOVE offering to Love Flows. More on that later!)

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Order generic Cialis Soft 20 mg Dagny Leininger is a large animal vet and an ardent crafter. She saw a design on line of a grocery bag made from a feedbag and tried it out. It turned out to be an incredibly cute item.

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buy Cialis Soft USA Then she saw our posts about the LOVE project and feeding kids and she said, how about I make this, teach others how to make them and people can make a donation for them to benefit Love Flows. Sure enough with an $8 suggested donation, one bag will feed a kid on weekends for about a month.

Purchase Cialis Soft cheap She’s told some farmers. They’re excited their bags will see new life as a support for kids’ food, because the bags are not easy to recycle. People are signing up to make them, so watch for a “sew in.” And then watch for their roll-out. Because this is a helpful way to help kids eat. So many ways to become the Valley Where No Child Goes Hungry. Here’s Dr. Dagny collecting some bags!

The farmer has loaded Dagny up with Love, helping our children eat.

Purchase cheap Cialis Soft The farmer has loaded Dagny up with Love, helping our children eat.